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Are you tired of wasting food that’s gone bad before you’ve been able to use it? The Vacuum Food Sealer kit can solve your problem in seconds, while helping you cook like a chef. Cut down on your grocery bills with our easy food saver.

This reusable vacuum sealer makes food storage a cinch. Seal meat, vegetables, snacks, cereal, and fruit to keep them fresh longer. When you store food in the freezer, vacuum seal the bag to prevent freezer burn. By using this food saver vacuum sealer, you can keep food fresh longer, save leftovers for future meals, and freeze foods without waste. Sealing your food also preserves taste, leading to more satisfying meals.

Product description:

  • Seal meat, vegetables, snacks, cereal, and fruit etc. to keep them fresh longer.
  • It can be reused time and time again
  • Removes harmful air from any freezer vacuum sealer storage bags, prevents freezer burn, preserves natural flavours, marinates food faster
  • Sizes: 20 x 25, 25 x 28 & 28 x 35 .
  • Includes: Hand Pump
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